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RightWriter Reviewer's Comments

RightWriter is a straight forward program which is easy to use and provides an excellent grammar analysis plus suggestions on improving your grammar.


This is the analysis results screen of RightWriter. It shows all of the errors that need to be corrected. If you do not understand what an error means, you can move the mouse pointer over it and up pops a box that explains what the error means and gives an example.


RightWriter was the best all-around grammar analysis program tested.

It will not only identify grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors but it offers advice on how to correct them, and if you do not understand the reason for the error, you can click to see a detailed explanation with examples.


Of all the tools tested, RightWriter was also the easiest to use. It lets you copy and paste your text in the window or load a text file. I found the copy and paste option to be the fastest and easiest. During my testing when all of the grammar programs were installed and I wanted to quickly check an email or letter, I found myself much more inclined to open RightWriter than any of the others just because it was so easy to use. You do not have to keep it running but I liked having it in my taskbar so I could pull it up quickly and I decided to leave it running.


It works with any text program. I tried it with MS Word 2007, MS Word 2005, Dreamweaver, NoteTab Light, Notepad, PDF files, I even copied text from websites to test. Any program that uses text and lets you copy that text(which is pretty much all of them) will work with RightWriter. Once you Ctrl-C to copy the text(or use the menu if you are a menu person) you open RightWriter and you do not even have to paste, just click the Paste button and it will paste in the window for you. Then click the Analyze button and it checks the document and spits out a report.


There are two parts to the report. The actual analysis which shows the errors and a summary. The summary was quite educational for me in itself. It uses a number of analysis standards such as the Flesch Index and Fog Index to analyze my text and tell me how easy or hard it was to read. I did not even know there was such a thing. The same method is used for US Government documents to make sure their manuals are not too hard to understand. When I found out that the US Government used it for manuals, I had to test it on an IRS document. I picked the W-9 form instructions. According to the Flesch index, it required a 13th grade level of education. That is 1 year of college just to understand a W-9 form.


RightWriter Grammar Analysis Screenshot


This is one graph of several from the Summary page. It shows the difficulty that the average person would have when reading the analyzed document. The summary is extensive and has lots of tips plus statistical analysis information that geeks will love like number of words, number of syllables, use of can/shall/must, etc. According to RightWriter, the average person needs a 13th grade level of education to understand a W9 IRS form.


Most of the time you will start with the analysis tab that has the errors marked. You can make changes here and copy/paste back but I preferred using RightWriter as a reference and changing my original document. After I made my changes I would copy/paste again and re-analyze to see if I missed anything or if my editing created a new error.


RightWriter caught many errors that I would have never thought about plus many that were editing errors which slipped past me. You know what happens when you edit a document several times, you take out a word, put in a word, and somehow end up with a sentence starting off "The a building...". Well RightWriter catches these kinds of errors as well as less obvious errors like making sure your subject and verb agree in number, making sure the sentence actually makes sense and is not two unrelated sentences with no punctuation separating them.


The summary page gave several suggestions on how I could improve my writing overall. One problem I have is starting every sentence with "I" and RightWriter caught me doing that and said I should vary how I start sentences. It really made my writing sound better too. There were other suggestions and the graphs make it clear if the document is too wordy, has too much jargon, or is too hard to read plus it tells you how to fix these problems.

RightWriter was quick and easy to use. It is a great choice for the average user who wants to check an email, check a report, letter, webpage, even a book, newspaper article, or class assignment. I wish I had it when I was in college. I didnt have a computer in high school so it would not have helped me then but if computers existed then, I would have wanted this program.


The RightWriter website even guarantees your grammar will improve in 30 days if you use their software. I see how they can make this claim because I now know what a split-infinitive is and I will not make that mistake again. Apparently it really can help you improve your grammar. That was not a result I expected when I started this testing. I expected these programs to point out errors like a spell checker, correct them and move on. I have not improved my spelling from using a spell checker. Using grammar analysis software to improve my writing has helped me improve how I write so that I find fewer errors.


As with the other programs, it has a bunch of features and I will not re-list them here. They are listed on the company website and I am sure they will add more as the program is updated.



Using RightWriter was so easy and fast, plus it gives you the right answers. It was so good it almost seemed like cheating. OK, I stole that line from their website but it was true.


The program was easy to install, just download and run. It was easy to use. I did not need to read the documentation in order to use the program, but they do include extensive documentation for those who like to look through a manual. As soon as it was installed, I was using it and making corrections(some embarrassing ones too) which did greatly improve my writing.


The price is also the best among the programs tested at $29.95

If you are looking for a good all-around grammar checker that is fast, easy, and accurate, check out RightWriter.



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